Formed from the depths of the earth, the dazzling beauty and power of crystals have captivated for centuries. Their strong energies have been recognized and harnessed by the ancients who understood their potential to help us manifest real change to our lives.

Our energy practitioners have 20+ years of experience in working with crystals. Having worked with our clients over the years, and through extensive research and self-experimentation, we have discovered that each and every person has different energetic needs that affect their crystal experience.  Each crystal bracelet, pendant or rough stone interacts uniquely to each individual regardless of its color or type.

Service Details 


Our energy practitioners can guide you through the process of finding the most suitable crystals for your specific situation and special needs. During the consultation, we will take into account:

- What you need to ensure a healthy aura

- What you need for chakra balance and smooth energetic flow

- Preferred crystal functions and areas of your life you would like improve

- Your personal preferences

You can expect an in-depth, comprehensive review that includes recommendations on which hand you should wear your crystal, as well as advice on possible combinations and sets with different crystals.


 Establishing your personal connection to the crystals and your own abilities to feel their energies and communicate with them is a major area we will strive to teach and guide you on during the session.

After you have chosen your special crystal, our senior spiritual practitioner will awaken the spiritual power in the stone. Through this activation, its link to the infinite energies of the Universe is established, thereby increasing its strength and expanding its potential.

To book a consultation, please message us on Line, Facebook or Instagram with your desired date and time.

Whether you are a new explorer or an experienced collector, we look forward to being a part of your journey into the magical world of crystals.

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